AMA: Anyone have any questions about selling on Amazon?

Happy to be a resource and answer any questions for this group. We have worked with many CPG brands and many of you may also have some great experiences to share from your own dealings with Amazon. We’ve found that sharing collective knowledge with Amazon can expedite trouble shooting and growth strategies so that is what I hope to gain by making myself available to any brand builders here. Cheers!

I’m currently trying to connect my products with my brand registry (long story, but we’ve been selling on Amazon for a while, but just now are a registered brand). When trying to connect A+ content, I get an error message: " You are unable to add content to this ASIN because our system does not recognize this ASIN as part of your brand." So, I followed their whole file thing, and am still getting errors and at this point I want to tear my hair out. Do you have any experience with this?

Hi Rachel, yes this happens quite frequently actually.

It can be a couple things but start with these steps to troubleshoot.

  1. Check the exact spelling of your brand in brand registry.
  2. The click to edit your listing and in the ‘vital info’ section delete the brand name and see if you brand name auto populates when trying to type it again.
  3. If yes, then try to add the content to that asin only and see if that resolved your issue.
  4. If no, go back into your brand registry portal and request to add all asins again and repeat the steps above.

If you still have trouble submit a ticket via both brand registry and via seller support. Sometimes one side works faster than the other so we have started doing both.


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@rachel-carmichael see above, forgot to tag you.

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Hi @daniela-bolzmann :wave:

We’ve had a tough time getting setup and approved on Amazon. Our products are in a position where they have to be approved by the grocery category. When I have submitted all of the photos, I’ve gotten responses back from Amazon that my photos appear to be computer generated and don’t adhere to their various standards so I resubmitted a few times with new photos of every angle of the products. The response back I got was the same even though the product was clearly not computer generated and then they closed my case and said I have to resubmit. It’s been incredibly frustrating to say the least and I’m not sure what else we can do beyond what we already have.

Any advice on navigating the category review process? Thank you!

Hi @anna-sullivan happy to assist. Feel free to email me a link to the photos so I can review and give you some pointers.

Alternatively, happy to have you post the images here and I’ll post my tips (if I have any) so the community can learn together.

Thank you for your help Danielle!

@anna-sullivan I’ll share this tip in case you or others have the same issue. For amazon to approve the category, they want to verify the photos is real so one thing you can do is hold it with your hand so they see a human hand in the photos, be sure to also show the logo and that the logo on the packaging matches the brand name you submitted to them.

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