Does anyone use a social media management agency they love?

Looking for a fairly-priced, smart team that can help with social. Someone who is willing to work with us to really execute on what we’re looking for - not just someone that’s going to crank out basic stuff that looks like everyone else’s pages.

Any suggestions?

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I’d recommend us! I’m with We’re a PR and digital marketing firm. We take a more organic approach to our social media campaigns - definitely not a “crank out basic stuff” type of place. Happy to chat!

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Hi Rachel!
You might also just direct message any brands that you like their social media content - and ask if it’s in-house or if they have a firm running it. Instagram is a great way to reach the social media team directly. That way you know the type of content they publish is along the lines of what you’re looking for.

Hey rachel!

Would love to help you! I have a few members on my team dedicated specifically to social and digital and our goal is to support you based off your needs and where you are at!

Hi Rachel, Happy to have a conversation about helping you manage your social media. We currently manage social for @simplyprotein We are also a full-service PR agency. Please contact me at

Hi Rachel -

If you haven’t found a social media company to go with yet, Socially Radiant is amazing. They ran 6 of our social pages and did a fantastic job creating content that aligned well with our brands. Their website is they take the time to learn your brand and your content. I hope this helps!

Goodness! Seems I’ve missed some replies. Thank you all!