Experience with using Faire

Anyone using Faire for wholesale? How is it going? What do you like and not like about it?

Faire is great :) Lots of independent wholesale accounts on there to drop-ship to. Receiving orders is seamless and easy to navigate.

Agree! It’s been a great experience for us.

Agree as well. Happy to chat with anyone who has questions (becca@beccaspetites)
They are also based locally, so I am quite familiar with them.

My experience was pretty mixed. For what it’s worth, I was selling a high-end, spice set.

-Portal is really user-friendly
-Order fulfillment was simple
-Opened up a handful of new independent stores for us

-Very low volume (for us)
-While they do cover shipping, the wholesale price required + Faire’s 25% commission seems incredibly steep for an online marketplace that’s relatively hands-off. That pricing model puts them very close traditional distribution (i.e. UNFI).