Just a little tip: lead times!

Hi all,

I want to introduce myself. I’m a former TV producer and current account executive at a PR firm called Orca Communications. I’m so glad Sally Rogers invited me to join Parsnip!

I chat with small business owners & marketing teams all day. One of the biggest questions I get asked is “how soon can I expect to see results?”

Because we’re dealing with earned-media, results can vary a lot from client to client. The news cycle (hello, coronavirus anyone?) and a bunch of other factors are in play.

As a general guideline though, there are two types of media outlets: those we consider short-lead, and those we consider long lead.

Big national magazines often work between 4-6 months in advance, sometimes even longer. It’s important to get your topics to editors early. Digital publications and TV outlets often have a quicker turnaround, but nothing is guaranteed.

I say this to help set expectations. There is a lengthy editorial process that goes into landing press features. PR isn’t something you can just wing and expect top-tier results. Your efforts need to strategic and intentional.

I’m happy to discuss this topic further here. You can also catch me on LinkedIN or send me an email.

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