Looking for Food & Beverage brands to help employees during COVID-19 crisis!

Hi! I’m Jasmine the Employee Experience Manager at FitPros. We are a workplace wellness provider organizing and implementing holistic wellness programs for employees. One of the programs we provide for corporate companies are our Corporate Health Fairs where we connect employees to health and wellness products and services.

With companies having employees work remote due to COVID-19 FitPros had to adapt quickly and innovate new ways to bring wellness to employees. We’ve come up with a way that we can continue to connect brands (YOU) to our clients, so keep reading!

FitPros will be sending Remote Care Work Packages directly to employee’s doorsteps!

These packages will include wellness resources to help employees transition to the remote work environment. Items include physical fitness tools, financial education, social activities and mental health resources. They are designed to promote health and community engagement in this time of anxiety and social isolation.

Similar to our Corporate Health Fairs, we’ll bring your sample size products into people’s hands and provide any marketing materials to promote your brand- think of it as a Mini Health Fair in a Box!

We respect your brand and feel it’s a great fit for the quality Packages that we are putting together. We will put one physical product plus one marketing piece into each box. Do you want to donate to be included?

See the attached doc on all the benefits this can provide to your brand!

If you would like to donate product to be included in FitPros Care Packages for employees impacted by COVID-19 complete this Google Form.

Looking forward to working together to bring wellness to employee’s homes! :slight_smile:

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This is Great!! thank you !

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@dasha-alekseyeva-3 I checked out BrainGear and your product is very unique! I’d love the chance to connect and discuss ways FitPros can support you, both in these care packages and beyond! Please shoot me an email - jasmine@fitpros.com

Amazing will email you right away!