Looking for partnerships on IG giveways

Hello, all with more people working from home we are looking to partner with brands on IG giveaways. Looking for wellness brands, clothing brands, healthy snacks, To help the mind and body.

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Hey Dasha - we’re looking to partner too! Our Superfood Bites are both a tasty, healthy snack as well as a vitamin & superfood infused power boost that supports immunity. Have you had anyone else raise their hand for a Giveaway on IG? Perhaps we can get 2-3 more folks on board?

P.S. Best email for us is Lauren@NativeStateFoods.com. Thanks!

@angela-palmieri & @dasha-alekseyeva-3 - shoot us an email at hello@parsnip.me if you need more suggestions for brands to get involved! Or feel free to search through our brands (search bar at the top of the page and we can connect you with others that way as well!

Hey Dasha - We at Nature’s Nosh are definitely interested as well. We make all natural fruit and nut energy bites infused with premium, hemp-derived CBD. The perfect, calming treat for these stressful times :)

Feel free to email me at liza@eatnaturesnosh.com for more information!

SimplyProtein is also looking for giveaway partners or to participate in multi brand giveaways. We are a plant-based gluten food protein snack food. Please email rebecca@cricciocomm.com or connect through the platform. Thanks!