Looking for partnerships on IG giveways

Hello, all with more people working from home we are looking to partner with brands on IG giveaways. Looking for wellness brands, clothing brands, healthy snacks, To help the mind and body.

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Hey Dasha - we’re looking to partner too! Our Superfood Bites are both a tasty, healthy snack as well as a vitamin & superfood infused power boost that supports immunity. Have you had anyone else raise their hand for a Giveaway on IG? Perhaps we can get 2-3 more folks on board?

P.S. Best email for us is Lauren@NativeStateFoods.com. Thanks!

@angela-palmieri & @dasha-alekseyeva-3 - shoot us an email at hello@parsnip.me if you need more suggestions for brands to get involved! Or feel free to search through our brands (search bar at the top of the page and we can connect you with others that way as well!

Hey Dasha - We at Nature’s Nosh are definitely interested as well. We make all natural fruit and nut energy bites infused with premium, hemp-derived CBD. The perfect, calming treat for these stressful times :)

Feel free to email me at liza@eatnaturesnosh.com for more information!

SimplyProtein is also looking for giveaway partners or to participate in multi brand giveaways. We are a plant-based gluten food protein snack food. Please email rebecca@cricciocomm.com or connect through the platform. Thanks!

I am interested as well. Maxine’s Heavenly makes better-for-you cookies. Lower sugar, vegan, gluten free, delicious…

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Oh - rachel@maxinesheavenly.com might be useful to have.

Jali Fruit Co. would be interested in partnering with brands on IG giveaways! We sell all-natural, preservative-free dried fruit. We’re looking to do a Healthcare Professional giveaway this week or next! We want followers to nominate a healthcare to win some healthy treats. Feel free to email me at sophia@agricycleglobal.com

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Hi guys! Would you be interested in adding to your giveaway some natural, vegan, non-toxic skincare? Please reach out at anna@saveskincare.com!

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We’d love to partner on IG giveaways! We have an organic, plant-based fruit jel snack. please reach out to: noriko@zelleeorganic.com.

We’d love to participate -Rumi provides all natural spice blends (salt-free!) and spices imported directly from our farmers in Afghanistan. You can reach out at marketing@rumispice.com Thanks!

We are interested as well! JOI. And we can attest that @maxines-heavenly are amazing! Would love to get something on the calendar …

Jack & Friends is interested in partnering for giveaways as well! We make plant-based jerky that is not only vegan and top 8 allergen-free, but also a good source of protein and fiber with no added sugar. Feel free to send me an email at jessica@jackandfriendsjerky.com :hugs:

Hi All,
Apologies for being so late to the party, but Becca’s Petites would love to get in on some giveaway IG action. We handcraft scrumptious grab&go plant-based snack mixes :)

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Same! @sante-nuts would be happy to partner for IG giveaways. https://www.santenuts.com/

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Hi all. Maternal mental health awareness month is in May and TheBlueDotProject.org hosts the U.S. awareness campaign. We’d be interested in partnering with a few brands to give baskets of giveaways to our social leaderboard winners. Please email info@2020Mom.org if you’d like to donate.

We would be happy to partner on an IG Giveaway as well! We produce all-natural simple syrups in unique flavor combinations for cocktails/mocktails. You can reach me at barb@root23.com. Thanks!

We’re always looking for IG giveaway partners. We produce a line of clean ingredient organic and plant based protein bars and kids bars. My email is Mark@skoutorganic.com

Zellee Organic would love to partner for a IG giveaway also! We are an organic plant-based jello in a squeeze pouch. Please reach out at lisa@zelleeorganic.com !

Mom’s Modern Mixes would love to partner on an IG giveaway. We’re vegan, gluten free, nut free cookie and baking mix. Incredibly easy & versatile. Reach me: ceo@momsmodernmixes.com

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