Looking for survey responses!

Hi everyone! Quick re-intro. I’m with Agricycle Global - a vertically integrated portfolio of ethically sourced and upcycled brands that work together to achieve its mission of eradicating extreme poverty through market-based solutions.

We’re getting ready to launch our second brand, Tropicoal Ignition! It’s a 100% sustainable charcoal made from three upcycled ingredients: coconut shells, palm kernel shells, and cassava root. Unlike wood-based charcoals contributing to deforestation, Tropicoal burns only food waste. We’re transforming the way you grill and transforming the environment.

We created a survey to learn more about grilling usage and measure the interest for a more sustainable alternative. We would greatly appreciate your help if you could take this short survey! Takes less than 5 minutes. THANK YOU!!

Done! Fascinating product - I like the carry box you have. :)