Seeking Graphic + Web Design and Social Media Support for Delicious At Home

Hi Parsnip! I launched a program (Delicious At Home) to help support local independent restaurants (and farmers) during Shelter in Place and post-COVID-19. More of the story here:

We are actively looking for a graphic design partner, web designer, and social media expert to help us flesh out our site ( with more of the basic mechanics of how to order. If anyone is lending skills to help small food businesses, please reach out!

Hi Maggie!

My wife and I own a boutique graphic design studio ( We specialize in the food and beverage sector. I’d love to speak with you about your graphic and web design needs. You can contact me at 508-620-0730 or

Hope to hear from you soon!


Hi Maggie, happy to help you on this. My company can support you on the graphic and web design part of your project. Our team also handle all technology and web development in house, so we have that covered for you as well. Happy to chat more here or simply check us out on our website at :slight_smile:

Stay safe.
Ari K.