Working Capital Solutions

In light of the postponement of Expo West, I’m willing to provide no-cost, no-obligation consultations to any brand seeking non-dilutive funding solutions to working capital challenges. No strings attached.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the offer of consultation for brands. I am interested in getting advice for our brand Gai Ghee Butter ( Please let me know if its possible.

Murassa Qazi

Gai Ghee Butter

Happy to speak with you.

I’m in the Los Angeles area and usually take calls between 9 am and 4 pm Pacific.

Do you want to send me a time or two that works for your schedule and I’ll quickly respond with a confirmation or other options.

Marshall Lebovits


Are you looking for advice on your brand or capital as the post from Marshall was about?

Either way happy to connect.

Best wishes,


Eliot’s Nut Butters




Hi Micheal and Murassa,

I believe I’m getting these messages by mistake.

Thanks, Jeff

For what’s worth I emailed support to alert them of this issue.

Feel free to do the same so they can see that there is some glitch.

@marshall-lebovits I definitely consider myself new to funding and would love to have a call discussing just a few ins and outs of non-dilutive fund sources… what are some funding options & how to locate them? I’m central, but saw your typical call hours and can definitely make that work in my schedule if your offer is still available.