Are you a brand marketer in food or wellness? Let's have a virtual coffee chat!

Hi there!

I’m conducting some customer research for a new product for our experiential agency, Hidden Rhythm. I would love to chat with you if you’re a marketer for a food or wellness brand.

The ask? Just 20 minutes of your time to hop on a call with me and answer some questions about yourself.

And yes, the coffee is on me! Once you book your time slot, I’ll send you a gift card to buy a cup wherever you are. :coffee::wink: Thank you SO much in advance!

You can sign up here:

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Hey! I would love to chat with you-- it looks like your cal is fully booked though? Feel free to email-- xx

Hi @cynthia-samanian - Happy to chat though the calendar isn’t working. Feel free to DM me here!

@cynthia-samanian - would love to post this in the Parsnip newsletter this Friday if that is okay with you?

@cynthia-samanian happy to chat is you still need folks to talk to!