Free 1h supply chain consulting during the COVID-19 crisis

To all CPG brands hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis and wondering how to best navigate and re-align your supply chain.

These last weeks have been real tough for most of us, and the coming months are likely to become even harder; emotionally, personally and professionally.

Some of you are seeing an increased demand for your products or a shift from brick-and-mortar to eCommerce. Or your operations or the operations of one of your suppliers or partners have been put on hold. Or you are trying desperately to procure more supplies. Most CPG supply chains are being disrupted by this crisis and every day creates new challenges.

You are not alone in this! I have decided to spare a good portion of my time to help you cope with the daily supply chain challenges. I’m offering free 1h sessions of individual advice, consulting, coaching, and brainstorming over the next couple of months. In these sessions we can tackle topics like supply chain strategy, supply chain risk management or supply chain and logistics cost savings opportunities or answer general supply chain questions.

Don’t hesitate to share this with other CPG brands, especially startups, who could use a supply chain sparring partner during these unprecedented times. You can book sessions directly through this calendar link or email me.

Stay safe & strong!

Rene Jacquat
Founder of LogiChain Solutions