Introduce Yourselves!

Service providers, freelancers, and agencies - please introduce yourselves! It can be a small but lonely world we live in (especially if you work solo) and this community is for more than just the brands we support!

My name is Emily and I am a jill-of-all-trades marketing freelancer. Parsnip is one of my clients, but all of the others are in the health and wellness CPG world! I help fill the void of a marketing manager or department when a brand is not quite large enough to hire someone full-time. My services are really anything they may need help with including managing online shops, email marketing, social media, content curation, photography, graphic design, etc. Always happy to chat, connect, and learn. Just moved to the Las Vegas Area. Let’s connect!


Hi! I’m Amira and am the founder of Melon Marketing.

Melon Marketing was created to provide field, brand, retail and digital marketing services for wellness-focused and sustainable brands. Melon Marketing was founded by Amira Mourad, a certified nutrition coach. With her BA in Nutrition & Healthy Living and Wellness Foundations from ASU, Amira has taken that passion for health and wellness and brought it to the CPG and marketing space for the past 8 + years. Amira has previously created marketing programs for well-known food industry brands including REBBL, Miyoko’s Creamery and Olipop. She is passionate about working with wellness-focused, eco friendly and women founded companies.

would love to connect with you and hear how we can help!


Hey! I’m Adam from Rodeo CPG (

We help CPG companies scale their operations, sales, and marketing.

Our team has over 100+ years of experience in the industry. Most of us have started brands of our own or been on founding teams. We’re deeply familiar with the unique challenges/obstacles that you face in a rapidly evolving marketplace and uniquely positioned to help you solve them.

I always love talking to new brands so please reach out!

Hi Parsnip family!

I’m Cynthia, the founder of Hidden Rhythm, an experiential marketing agency for natural food and wellness brands. Some of the incredible brands we’ve worked with include Native, Bare Snacks, Health Warrior, Bob’s Red Mill, and more.

We concept, design, plan, and produce a variety of offline activations including large consumer pop-ups, immersive sponsorship booths, product launch events, and everything in between.

Additionally, we have a podcast and private Facebook group all about experiential marketing in natural food and wellness. (And yes, you should totally join us!)

Head over to Hidden Rhythm to learn more and book a free consultation. Hope to connect!


Hey guys!

I’m Paul, co-founder of Riser, a strategic branding & design studio that partners with entrepreneurs, start-ups, and do-good-businesses. My partner and I consulted for a slew of top notch design agencies before we decided to take our combined expertise and make a run for it.

We’re looking to connect with cool, emerging brands in the food/bev/wellness space, especially better-for-you brands. Hit us up if you’re interested in connecting! We’re happy to meet for a drink if you’re in the LA area, but we’re pretty good at virtual meetings too.



Hey! I’m Rene and I’m the founder of LogiChain Solutions, based in San Francisco.

I’m providing comprehensive support and solutions to food & beverage companies to scale operations and optimize supply chain while considering sustainable practices throughout all elements of the value chain.

Working hands-on from strategy to implementation, I focus on the company’s operations and business goals while driving change that has both immediate and lasting impact.

I always love to connect with with food & beverage companies.


Hi everyone!

I’m a freelance copywriter for independent CPG brands. That means I can write your:

  • Brand Story
  • Taglines
  • Website
  • Emails
  • Product Descriptions

… and I do it all with a research-based process that allows me to write in a way that’s tailored for your specific customers, regardless of what the competition is doing.

Would love to chat and answer any/all copy related questions!

^^ click above to download my free guide on the 3 biggest mistakes even smart brands make with their storytelling


Hi fellow Brand Builders!

It’s great to see such awesome talent here. I’m Daniela, Founder of, we help emerging brands get launch-ready for Amazon.

Think if us as your outsourced creative and marketing for all things Amazon.

Parsnip members get 20% off [PARSNIP20] any single service and $150 off [PARSNIP150] any package here.

We specialize in done-for-you optimization services that make you stand out with:

:surfing_man:‍♂ A/B testing main Images to improve click through rate

:surfing_man:‍♂ SEO driven copy to improve rank and search-ability

:surfing_man:‍♂ Flavorful sales copy to improve conversion

:surfing_man:‍♂ Powerful product imagery to answer questions and boost sales

:surfing_man:‍♂ Compelling custom A+ Content for shopper engagement and education

See my thread on the Parsnip forum here for any Amazon related questions, happy to share my knowledge and help trouble shoot.


Hey Parsnip People!

I’m Marc… my wife Gia and I co-founded Jobin Design, a creative agency based in the Boston area that specializes in branding, packaging and web site development for CPG companies. We focus on small to mid-size companies in the food and beverage sector and are proud to call many Boston-based food entrepreneurs our clients.

We’d love to connect with start-up brands that are looking to create their brand ID or existing brands that are interested in refreshing their brand for the next stage of growth.

Looking forward to starting a conversation!


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Hi everyone! I’m Jenny, and I’m the founder a nonprofit immersive events company called Studio ATAO. We concept, build, execute and tour interdisciplinary experiences that combine food, art and social impact. We’re most known for our Asian in America series, a museum exhibition and dinner experience that explores the Asian American identity through food & drink, virtual reality and poetry.

We also have a Community Initiatives arm, where we host Experimental Salons that bring together industry professionals for a dinner and conversation (using our specific facilitated discussion model) on a pertinent topic relating social impact and their work. Pre-COVID, we just hosted one for food media on the topic “How Can Food Media Better Represent Non-White Cultures Without Tokenizing Them?” Learnings from these Salons are then compiled into toolkits for the the public to use, for free, via our Resources Blog.

Since COVID hit, our events has been cancelled so we’ve been working hard to give back to the community by hosting a series of Community Skillshares where we bring experts to share pertinent skills to the world, for free, via IG Live and complemented by a lengthy, well-researched Resources document. We kicked these off with 1 on personal financial management and 1 on financial planning for small business owners; next we have sessions on mental health and civic engagement coming up.

(We also have an agency arm that does custom activations for mission-driven companies.)

Hope everyone is staying safe out there, and would love to connect if there’s some synergies we can explore :)

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Hi Everyone!

My name is Sabrina and I am a CPG marketer with 14 years of experience at both Fortune 500 companies and emerging brands. I have done a mix of both full time and project based work but am currently back to more of a project basis where I am working with brands to be their stand in marketer where they may not have the funds or enough work for someone full time. I work across digital/social, ecommerce, experiential, brand, retail, and innovation.

Happy to be a part of this community as I have used Parsnip for my partnership needs in both of my last full time roles!

Would love to connect if I can be of help in any way!



:wave:hey there!

soona is a fast casual photo & video studio now offering virtual shoots. $39 photos. $93 video clips. join your live shoot from home. only buy what you like. get edited content in 24 hours. post like crazy.

right now we’re focusing on ecomm product photo & video, flatlays, simple lifestyle and GIFs. check out what we’ve been creating lately here.

it’s still possible to get high-quality photo & video! we love working with brands and agencies to create amazing content for store pages, social feeds and websites.

we’re excited to be in this community to innovate and create beautiful content.

hit us up: if you’re in a content bind. you have an idea you don’t know how to pull off. you need to brainstorm with someone. or want to chat about your favorite flavor of La Croix. we’re here.

we’re so excited to be here among other businesses pivoting and innovating through this time. kudos to Parsnip for this opportunity of connection.

love & double taps,



Hello All!

I’m Caprice Perry, and I’m a thoughtful communication strategist who cares deeply about good food. I find great joy in helping conscious brands strengthen their communication.

Companies hire me to:

  • define or reposition their brand
  • develop communication goals and messaging
  • create their website structure and content
  • write content for customer and team communications
  • monitor their brand’s experience and promise
  • and more!

For more scoop, head to

I’m happy to have been introduced to this community and look forward to connecting further with you all!

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Hi everyone, I’m Christie! I founded Nourishing Food Marketing, a brand marketing consultancy for food and beverage CPG brands.

I offer action-oriented marketing leadership for emerging brands ($0-5MM in revenue). My approach is to be scrappy and do more with less, with the highest level of critical thinking.

My unique perspective comes from being a food founder myself (Tiny Hero) and having gotten my marketing training at Big Food (Clorox, working on Americana food brands like Hidden Valley Ranch).

I excel at:

  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
  • Consumer Research & Insights
  • Strategic Marketing Planning and Execution
  • Creative Asset Creation

We’re an an action-oriented consultancy that develops marketing strategies and executes on them - let’s chat about how I can help grow your brand (!

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Hey everyone - I’m Danielle, co-founder of Amelia Risk. We’re women-owned CPG insurance brokers, which means we help brands get the right insurance for their business - product liability, product recall, coverage for stock, directors & officers liability, etc. My co-founder and I have had 25+ years of experience working with startups and cpg companies. Most insurance brokers are tied to pretty archaic processes and/or aren’t concerned with smaller companies’ individual risks, and we don’t believe in selling one-size-fits-all products that don’t cover claims. We decided to refresh the client experience and give large client service to smaller brands who are fighting the good fight. You can reach me at Hope to meet someone of you gals & guys soon!